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Waegell Field Contest

  • April 10, 2010
  • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Waegell Field


  • General

Registration is closed

OCD Members,

I took an action item at our last meeting to look into some apparent discrepancies in the flyer for the April 10 contest at Waegell Field.  Basically the contest will be run like the SGMA Spring contest that was held on Feb 28.


There will be four Rubber events, one for 150 sq in wing area and less, and one for over 150 sq in.  Old time rubber/Nostalgia rubber/AMA rubber are all combined.  If you care about National Cup points, then be sure to write on your entry sheet what type of model you are flying.  (E.g. Mulvihill; 150 sq in and under.)  P-30 is the third rubber event. P-30 Mass Launch is the fourth Rubber event.  


Be prepared for a 9:30 AM time for the mass launch instead of the 10:00 AM start time listed in the flyer.


Doug Galbreath will CD this meet.


OCD members will receive OCD Points for Open Rubber if you fly in the 150 Sq in or less event.


Dick Douglas


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