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November 05, 2022 8:00 AM • Waegell Field
November 07, 2022 11:00 AM • Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City
December 05, 2022 11:00 AM • Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City
22 photo(s) Updated on: February 01, 2015
  • Harold getting his Gull P-30 (Lee Kiracofe design) ready for flight
  • Dick checking out the score sheet.
  • Joyce, Jordan and Tom getting a glider ready to fly.
  • Tom had great flights with his Thermal Dart.
  • Fred after launching his HH Cat glider...
  • ... and the glider after transition
  • Sun made it a challenge to track the models at times...
  • Ben launching his HH Cat glider
  • Alan didn't fly himself but was timing for others
  • Emile winding his Majestyk P-30
  • Lagunita Czar Truman, Bill and his Cloud Tramp
  • The only casualty of the day was Bill's great flying Cloud Tramp. It landed in a tree.
  • Haoyang flew his cute Akro in the Small Rubber class.
  • Manuel winding his Hotbox P-30 up.
  • Hotbox climbing...
  • ... and is chased by something slightly larger.
  • Manuel intently watching the ensuing dogfight...
  • Manuel showing off his handsome BD4
  • Ates' Skokie
  • Half-a-Wake

OCD Super Bowl Contest 2015 - Truman Cross'Report

Sunday February first at Lagunita was calm until about 10:30, and then visited only by slight, variable drifts.  A list of contestants from memory would run: CD Truman B. Cross, Tom Faith, Ken Walters, Harold Davidson, Ben Tarcher, Fred Terzian, Dick Douglas (first visit to Lagunita), Emile Carle, Bill McConachie, Manuel Cisneros, Haoyang Wang, Ates Gurcan, in no particular order of appearance.  Tom Faith spent most of his time with Joyce and Jordan and entered Open Rubber with a delta wing plane just as the contest was coming to a close because the CD was obviously ready to abscond.  Manny and Haoyang flew a variety of planes, as did Harold Davidson, and I suppose some others when the CD was busy with something unimportant.  Ben Tarcher was the only contestant to wade a bit to retrieve a catapult plane, and Bill McConachie lost his Cloud Tramp when a late thermal deposited the plane in a tree on the NW rim of the basin.  Fred was his usual ebullient self, and the CD much appreciated his help in dragging tables and the rolling stooge to the CD's car.  With the Ike contest at Lost Hills just a week away, Ates declined to fly his P-30 and flew his beautiful blue Skokie in both Open Rubber and P-30 events.  In sum, it was a great day at Lagunita, far more enjoyable than any football game one can imagine, and there were no injuries.  No one was carried off, but some may have been carried away.  



OCD Super Bowl Contest 2015 - Dick Douglas' Report

It was a beautiful day, sunny, bright, and almost no wind, and more folks flying than attended all last year. Three new additions to the Lagunita contest scene were Harold Davidson, Manuel Cisneros, and Dick Douglas. Manuel was there with all flags flying finishing first in P-30 with a maxout, first in HLG, second in Catapult, and fifth in Open Rubber. Truman Cross was first in Open Rubber flying an assortment of parts from his workbench. Fred Terzian placed first in Catapult and would have been first and second if we allowed such a thing. Bill McConachie put his Cloud Tramp in the trees on the north berm and decided that leaving it there was better than the possibility falling out of the tree. I’m looking forward to the next contest.

Dick Douglas
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