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October 03, 2022 11:00 AM • Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City
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OCD Awards 2017 Luncheon Summary - by Dick Douglas

April 21, 2018 1:26 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

Pres Fred meets and greets and then we had lunch.  Entries were Prime Rib, Chicken, Salmon, and Pasta.  During dessert, Fred opened the meeting. 

The OCD started in 1937 so this is the 81st year.  Back when the club started there were stringent requirements to become a club member.  Some of the requirements were to have a minimum time in about six events.  Fred brought trophies won by Jim Tangney showing scores needed to join OCD as a full member.

Bill Vanderbeek is the 2018 Mentorship Award Winner.  The Mentorship award was created in 2006 by Jon Davis. He wrote: "To honor and recognize the aero modeler who has best embodied the mentoring spirit in the sport of free flight model aviation."  Jon had a special perpetual trophy created for the award; he made the multi-wood base and commissioned a custom brass sculpture of a young boy holding a model glider ready to be tossed into the air.  Bill was recognized for the mentoring of Chinmay Jaju (2008 and 2010 Jr FAI FF Team, F1P) and his generous financial support of the USA Junior FAI free flight teams through the years.

We will also take a moment to remember the OCD members who left us this past year.  They are Lynn Price, Bill Langenberg, and Frannie Masterman.  They will be missed.

Fred then listed accomplishments of OCD members in 2017.

 OCD members who placed in the top 10 at the 2017 Nats:

  • ·         Mulviihill; Bud Romak, 8th
  • ·         Moffett; Bud Romak, 5th, and Bill Vanderbeek; 8th
  • ·         Dawn Unlimited; Bud Romak, 5th
  • ·         Hand Launch Glider; Ken Bauer; 1st and Tim Batiuk, 4th
  • ·         Hand Held Catapult; Ken Bauer; 1st and Tim Batiuk, 4th
  • ·         F1A; Ken Bauer; 2nd
  • ·         F1H; Ken Bauer; 1st
  • ·         ROW; Bill Vanderbeek; 3rd
  • ·        

OCD members who placed in the top ten in the America’s Cup competition.

  • ·         F1A; Ken Bauer; 8th
  • ·         F1Q; Ben Tarcher, 7th
  • ·         F1H; Ken Bauer; 3rd
  • ·         F1S; Ben Tarcher; 7th
  • ·         F1E; Dave Parsons,4’th and Fred Terzian, 5th

OCD members who placed in the top 10 in the National Cup competition.

  • ·         Small Nostalgia Power; Glenn Schneider, 4th
  • ·         Large Nostalgia Power; Glenn Schneider, 1st
  • ·         Glider; Tim Batiuk, 1’st and Ken Bauer; 4th
  • ·         Nostalgia Rubber; Bud Romak; 6th

2017 OCD Awards

Points for these awards are given at each of the six contests at Waegell Field and two at the Lakeville field.

OCD Catapult.  This event goes back to the 1938 California state fair and OCD has been flying it ever since then.  It uses a 9-foot pole and 40 grams of rubber to launch gliders.  The 2017 winner is Tim Batiuk.

Stuart Bennett Open Rubber trophy.  This event is for rubber powered models with a wing span of 30-inches or less or 150-square inches or less.  The 2017 winner is a tie between John Pratt and Paul Masterman.

Joe Foster P-30 trophy.  The P-30 event is for rubber-powered models that have a wingspan of 30-inches or less and less than 10-grams of rubber.  The 2017 winner is Paul Masterman.

Don Foote trophy.  The Don Foote trophy goes to the winner of OCD’s annual NorCal contest accumulating both high trophy points and high flight times. The 2017 winner is Glenn Schneider.

Bob Critchlow trophy for Hand Held Catapult. This event uses a 9-inch loop of rubber on a stick to launch small gliders.  The 2017 winner is Tim Batiuk

OCD Junior Champion trophy.  An OCD Junior is a person who is 18 years old or younger as of July 1 of the competition year.  The Junior is either a relative of an OCD member, or sponsored by one.  This year no OCD Junior had a score, so no winner.

The Getsla Trophy goes to the overall high point flyer and is the OCD Club Champion.  The 2017 OCD Champion is Tim Batiuk.

The David Lloyd trophy.  The David Lloyd trophy has been awarded since 1946 and goes to the OCD member that best exemplifies the spirit of modeling where members help members. David Lloyd provided transportation to contests.  Members at the November meeting vote on the winner with no discussion or advertising.  The votes are collected by the Sergeant-at-Arms and, by tradition, the winner is revealed at the Awards Dinner. The winner is under the tape.  The winner is Fred Terzian.

At this point President Fred “tapped the gavel” and presented the OCD officers for 2018.  President is Fred Terzian.  Fred continued with Ben Tarcher as VP and Safety Officer, Bill Vanderbeek as treasurer, and Dick Douglas as Sergeant-at-Arms and Secretary.

Thank you all for coming and drive safely.


  • April 23, 2018 9:25 PM | Manuel Cisneros
    Congratulations to all the Winners and a hearty Hoorah! for all OCDers. Here's to a brighter future for the club and it's members, I am continuously proud to be associated with such a fine collection of craftsmen and flyers.
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